Online Payments

Make or take payments online, using your online wallet • Check your balances, transactions, for money or rewards points • Customer and Merchant Wallets • Add money via 7-Eleven or Bank, withdraw to bank, ATM card or Bitcoin

Offline Payments

NFC contactless payment terminals for money and rewards • Use for retail, transportation, loyalty etc • Charge and reward at the same time • Stored value on NFC cards or NFC Wristbands • No contract rentals of terminals

SMS Payments

For areas with little or no internet access, payments and transfers of money can be made using SMS commands (eg: ID#amount will transfer to another Tagcash user • Balances, payments, airtime load, registrations, and more


Get rewarded with Tagcoins for Tagcash services like buying load, booking taxis and more • Share adverts to your friends and earn Tagcoins • Spend, transfer, sell or trade your Tagcoins with users or merchants